The Phoenix 

A Convention for Father Figures and Male Role Models

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Our in person event is all about encouraging, inspiring and supporting men.

Men who server and fight for our future by filling a need for father figures and positive male role models. We want to bring you knowledge and tools to help you as you undertake or continue to undertake this critical role. All Father Figures, Male role Models and Dads; this event is for you!


This event will take place June 10th and 11th at the Quincy Free Methodist Church Building in Quincy Washington.      Registration is $25

The Phoenix
Jun 10, 6:00 PM PDT – Jun 11, 6:30 PM PDT
Quincy Free Methodist Church Building,
301 I St SW, Quincy, WA 98848, USA

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Our Story

In August of 2021 I had the amazing fortune of getting to interview Aaron Young. During that very long conversation that ended up spanning 2 different video calls, we had a conversation that has stuck with me. Men can come together over children, because we all know that they are our future and that we need to protect and care for them. 2 men on opposite sides of the world united over conversations about our kids.

We wanted to do something, this conversation continued with several men I talked to. I tried to do something in 2021, but it was too close to the actual date I wanted to pull it off.

We have come a long way at The Fallible Man, but we are still a tiny company. I have had the blessing of meeting many incredible men during the course of my podcast and so many share the same thing. We all can come together over the need to tend to the children of the world.

In my time working as a youth minister I experienced first hand what happens in children lives without a positive strong male role model.  There are many men who fill that role that are not "biologically" fathers, but they are father figures.

The Phoenix is an image of rebirth, renewal and legacy all rolled into one. We rise up to be the men we are called to be and our legacy is passing on the lessons and helping other young men and women grow to their potential as well.

We are here to inspire, encourage, support and motivate men who are taking on the responsibility to our future by being Strong Positive Male role models and father figures while helping them continue their own personal development.

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