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The Phoenix 

A Men's Conference

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Our in person events are all about encouraging, inspiring and supporting men.

 We want to bring you knowledge and tools to help you in every role in your life. Resilience is more important than ever as a man. the last few years have taught us that and things are still changing every day.

But that is the reality of life, change is life. Change is often seen in a negative light, but it doesn't have to be negative and you can learn to be resilient and powerful in embracing change no matter what comes.

Welcome to the Fallible nation!


This event will take place February 9th and 10th      

The Phoenix Conference 2024
The Phoenix Conference 2024
Feb 09, 2024, 6:00 PM – Feb 10, 2024, 9:00 PM
Location is TBD

This year’s theme is "Standing Strong in the Winds of Change" 

Many factors that determine resilience—such as genetics, early life experiences, and luck—can’t be modified. But specific resilience-building skills can be learned. These include breaking out of negative thought cycles, pushing back against catastrophizing, and looking for upsides when faced with setbacks.


Getting through pain and disappointment without letting them become overwhelming isn’t necessarily easy for anyone. But researchers have begun to uncover what more resilient people do to emotionally and mentally carry on after the death of a loved one, a job loss, chronic or acute illness, or other setbacks. What they’ve learned may help others become more resilient themselves.


For instance, do you attribute personal and professional setbacks solely to your own inadequacy—or are you able to identify contributing factors that are specific and temporary? Do you demand a perfect streak—or are you able to accept that life is a mix of losses and wins? In each case, the latter quality has been tied to greater levels of resilience.


We have learned in the last many years that life is full of surprises, difficulties and sometimes setbacks that we are not always ready to face. These times have been difficult for many and it tells us one thing, our own personal resilience is more important than ever.


We will have multiple speakers, break out sessions, "swag bags", giveaways  and more going on. Our signiture Novice Strongman competition is back this year. COme get the Title Belt (see pics) and the bragging rights or just cheer on your friends!

ALL registered attendees will receive a digital copy of all the Keynotes for personal use post event, so if you miss a session, you will still be able to enjoy the entire event.

Gentleman, it is my event so you know there is great coffee! There is also snacks, a BBQ and a locally catered in meal so you are well fed during the event.

Connect with other men who are like minded in growing as men and build meaningful connections. I see men I met at our first event every week now as part of my normal life. Come find your purpose and if you already have a handle on it, sharpen your tool set with these amazing speakers and discussions!

Meet our Speakers

Our Story

In August of 2021 I had the amazing fortune of getting to interview Aaron Young. During that very long conversation that ended up spanning 2 different video calls, we had a conversation that has stuck with me. Men can come together over children, because we all know that they are our future and that we need to protect and care for them. 2 men on opposite sides of the world united over conversations about our kids.

We wanted to do something, this conversation continued with several men I talked to. I tried to do something in 2021, but it was too close to the actual date I wanted to pull it off.

In June 2022 we had our first event with a focus on Father Figures, role models and mentors who were stepping up for young people who need them. After a very successful event we immediately launched our 2023 event.

However we have decided to continue to do our live events under our Phoenix banner while opening it up for theme changes that align with the overall mission of The Fallible Man.

We are here to inspire, encourage, support and motivate men while helping them continue their own personal development. Our foundation here is incremental daily growth as we strive to become the very best version of ourselves in every facet of our lives. Building ourselves on a mission to achieve our potential and change the world for the better in the process.

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