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From Concept to Airwaves, Done for You Podcasting.

A podcast is a great way to set yourself or your company up as an authority in the space. It can raise awareness, educate you customers, highlight your clients, customers or industry. It can serve your employees or expand your customer base.

Love the idea, but don't have the time to learn a new craft and dive into a totally different trade?

Let me help....

PodcastPro Services

You already have enough on your plate...

You are busy, wether you are a business owner or someone working a full time job who has an idea to share with the world, you are busy. A podcast done right is time consuming, it is a business. Statistically you are 4 times more likely to succeed in a new business venture than as a podcaster. 

I am an established podcaster with a top global 1% show. I have and do consult on other shows and have spoken at podcast conferences to help our community. Let me put my skill set to work for you.  

A podcast can be a powerful move for your idea or business if done correctly, but it can be a lot to take on by yourself.

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Audio Only

The Bread and Butter of the Podcast industry. Remember this is an AUDIO first experience for your listeners

Image by Sara Kurfeß

Video Podcast

A newer format that is more a talk show than a standard podcast

Image by Austin Distel

Audio and Video Podcast

A hi-bred that gives you product for multiple platforms. More and more common in the Industry.

Every Plan Includes 

  • Podcast Avatar and Niche Planning

  • Podcast Brand Guild

  • Podcast Design Plan

  • Podcast Cover Art

  • Podcast Summery Copy

  • Podcast Trailer

  • Podcast Hosting Set Up

  • Podcast Distribution Set Up

  • Podcast Audiogram Design

  • Podcast Intro Design

  • Podcast Outro Design

  • Guest Management

  • Guest Research

  • Show Notes for Episode Recording

  • Podcast Sound Production

  • Podcast Transcript

  • Podcast Show Copy

  • Podcast Audiograms

  • Upload and scheduling to Hosting site

  • 52 Episodes a Year

Video Plans also Includes 

  • Intro Video for show

  • Outro Video for show

  • Video Background

  • Lower Thirds Overlay for Host

  • Basic Show Video Editing

  • Posting to Host and/or YouTube

  • Copy for YouTube Description

  • Video Reels for your Social Media Team or you

Can be added to plans

  • Show​ Host

  • Social Media Management 

  • Create Social Profiles

  • Setting up YouTube Channel if Needed

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