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Our Speakers

Meet the speakers for The Phoenix Conference!


Jem Fuller

Author, Speaker , Coach and Expert Communicator 

Jem Fuller has lived a colorful, global life. From barefoot backpacker to corporate leader, fire-dancer and traditional tattooist, kindergarten teacher to motorcycle courier, masseuse and reflexology to labourer and travel consultant. Now his time is as partner and father, coach, facilitator and retreat leader. He is the author of the recently published book, The Art of Conscious Communication for Thoughtful Men, and can be seen delivering his TEDx talk on YouTube.


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Jem Fuller

Oliver Marcelle

Relationship Coach & Podcaster

Author, Podcaster, Coach, Husband, Father and Grandfather are just a few hats Oliver wears.


His book "Overcoming the Man Laws" is a pass down of knowledge to the next generation of young men. 

Oliver knows that serving the next generation is critically important and that we need every man stepping up to the plate.

As we combat record highs in fatherless home this is every man's cross to bear for the sake of our future!


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Dai Manuel

Author, Ted-X Speaker, Coach and Business Man

Dai Manuel is a super dad, dating his wife, with a lead by example way of living and a contagious personality, who is on a mission to positively impact one million role models around the globe to lead a FUN-ctionally fit life through education, encouragement, and community.
He is an award-winning digital thought leader and author, Distinguished Toastmaster & TEDx speaker, former partner and Chief Operating Officer of a multi-million dollar retail company, and a sought-after lifestyle mentor and executive performance coach.


David Pasqualone

Business Man, Podcaster, Coach and Speaker

DAVID PASQUALONE is a born again believer in God, father of 2 amazing teens, a life-long learner, self-appointed Guinea pig for anything he promotes. A Marketing Guru and Professional Coach by day. A Podcast Host and cigar enthusiast by night.

David loves motivating people and organizations to clarify their purpose, mission, and vision. To lead them out of the confusion of the world, and into the light so they can know clarity, get excited about their purpose, and achieve the vision set before them.  

Leading by example, David inspires those around him to be the best version of themselves, take action to “DO” what they need to do each day, and steadfastly see their purpose through to completion!

David p 3.jpeg
David P

Elizabeth Louis

Executive Performance Coach

I work as an Executive Performance Coach and have two graduate degrees in psychology. I am a professional coach and therapist specializing in performance/sports psychology, positive psychology, CBT, and Neuropsychotherapy.

I am an executive performance coach for corporate powerhouses and innovation-driven entrepreneurs across the globe. I have spent the last 7-years studying and working with high-performers to help them make the impossible possible.


Rob Lohman

Speaker, Author Coach, Podcaster

Sober since 2001, Rob Lohman currently helps people suffering from substance abuse to find freedom from addiction and incarceration.  He does this through sharing his testimony, Professional Interventions and Recovery CoachingAdvocacySelf-Published Author and being the host of Beyond The Bars Radio Podcast and Addiction, Freedom & Faith Podcast

In year eleven (11) of his sobriety journey, Rob had an emotional nervous breakdown which lead to a thirteen (13) year prison sentence, to which he was released in 10.5 months to a halfway house where he started to rebuild his life, along with his two children and wife who decided to remain married to Rob after the breakdown.

Rob is now invests in the lives of those wanting to see positive change, whether it is coming out of addiction, prison or just wanting more for their lives.  He is a dynamic speaker and shares an extremely powerful journey of persistence, faith and inspiration. 

Kyle 1.jpeg

Kyle Slusher

Senior Pastor Faith Community Church

Kyle grew up a Preachers kid like all the best of us do. After working his way up the restaurant service industry and becoming a area manger for a Large chain Kyle couldn't ignore his calling. Kyle stepped into his role after years of volunteer work. Kyle loves serving God, his congregation and his community. He is married to an incredible women of faith as well and they have 4  beautiful kids that keep them busy.


Nico Lagan

Entrepreneur, Coach and Podcaster

I help men realize their personal legends.

As a coach, I help men focus on what really matters, so they can achieve their goals. We were put on this earth for a reason and my goal is to help you realize your destiny.

I run multiple businesses, I'm also a Muay Thai instructor as well as the host of The Nico Lagan Show.

I want to help men become good men and good men become great men! I'm currently traveling the USA in an RV with my girlfriend and dog. All my podcasts are recorded on location, in my guest's natural habitat. My street interviews are with everyday individuals that I mean in the street of whatever city I find myself in. Their responses are none scripted. They are just the opinions and values of people just like you!My opinions are not mainstream, at least not anymore. Although what I speak about is common sense, it seems that today, common sense if not a trait most possess. From a content's perspective, no subjects are taboo! You can expect raw, unfiltered and straight shooting! One last thing, I’m not trying to motivate you I want to inspire you because motivation is bullshit, what you need is discipline.

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