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Brent aka The Fallible Man


Thee Fallible Man - I have a vision of helping men be better everyday.




Editor for all the horrible spelling and Grammar that I write




Common Man OCR and Collaborator on fitness for men

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Elevating Lives, One Man at a Time: The Fallible Man LLC is dedicated to elevating lives by supporting men in their personal development journeys. Through our podcast, vibrant social media community, compelling YouTube content, transformative conferences, and personalized coaching, we empower men to build genuine, impactful relationships and lead fulfilling lives.


 The Fallible Man

The Fallible Man started like any other project, with something totally different in mind. It started as a mind set and an idea I wanted to talk about. I saw a disturbing trend as society started to demonize masculinity in a world that was already struggling with having enough of it. It started around  teenage girls crying over lousy boyfriends. It started with fears for my many nieces growing up with inadequate men to court them and now my daughters. It began with my wife 's female friends complaining about the lack of quality men out there for them. I was asked to share my thoughts on why men acted the way they do, or don't do things they should. It stared because women asked me to share my opinion and "knowledge" with them and then with men they knew. I know a lovely young delivery driver that through our brief interactions has decided I should share. The Fallible Man was born as a blog though, maybe even a book one day. Already it has become a Podcast, YouTube Channel, 2 websites, 8 social media accounts , a blog, a yearly conference called "The Pheonix Men's Conference", speaking engagements, Coaching and a merchandise shops. I am also a NASM CPT. I truly want to help men be the very best version of themselves. It started with all that input and my own journey to become the best husband, Father and Man I can be. I am honestly not sure where it will end,  but I hope the intention never does. The Fallible Man is now a Lifestyle of Personal Development aimed specifically at Men's self improvement and growth.

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Our Code

  • We believe that every human being was wonderfully  and specially made by God for a purpose.

  • We believe that God sent Jesus to die for our sins and give us  a path to eternity with God. God may not be on our lips in every piece of content we create but he is in the core of all we  try to do.

  • We will not push God down anyone else's throat, see how we live and what we do and you decide for yourself what you believe.

  • We respect all people even when we disagree with them. We want to have great  respectful conversations especially with people we don't agree with; the world needs more civil disagreements  for a better tomorrow. We believe  that you were made with a divine purpose and that seeking that purpose will help you live the life you want to.

  • We believe the key to successful change and growth lies in incremental daily  personal development.

  • We believe that personal devfelopment is the key to reaching our best selves because we can only control ourselves.

  • We value Integrity, honor, humility, honesty and discipline and while we are not perfect we strive to live each of these qualities in our daily lives and business model.

  • We believe that the lack of masculinity in men is toxic and that masculinity is an essential element to healthy men and a healthy world.

  • We believe in extreme ownership .

  • We believe in family.

  • We believe in trying to make a difference in the world starting at self, family, friends and community.

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