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When we think about fitness websites, magazines and Youtube channels you probably have images like this squat appear in your mind. We all have the same reactions when we see it; "I don't have time to look like that" or "if I had a nutritionist and could train 2 hours a day every day I would look that way too." We understand.

That is our reaction to a lot of fitness people; the problem with really successful fitness people is that sometimes their success makes them out of touch with the rest of us.


They are likely great people, but once fitness becomes your job you tend to lose touch with everyday people like you or men. That is where Common Man OCR can help, Dave is a 20 year veteran of the IT industry. He is on a journey to reclaim his fitness and so am I. We both spend all day working at a desk, staring at screens. We both have incredibly busy lives and lots of responsibilities, just like you. The Fallible Man is about helping every man grow and that includes taking control of your health. We are so excited to partner with Common Man OCR as he is a friend, supporter and an everyday guy trying to do exactly what he is talking about. No filters, no BS, no camera tricks and no lies. We are here to partner with you in your journey.

Going forward we are excited to be working on some YouTube collaborations on The Fallible Man YouTube Channel in our Fitness Playlist.

Here are Links to the Common Man OCR Social Media, give him a Follow!

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