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Be a Shark!

Mondays get a bad rap, they really are just another day that we have. Every single day you have choices to make, starting with how you face the day. If you dread it, any day can suck, like for me I work my 9 to 5 four days a week. My Monday is actually Wednesday, and so instead of Monday being the "dreaded" day mine is later in the week. We like to hate on Monday because for most people it spells the end of the weekend. They have to stop playing. So we dread Monday morning and come up with stupid memes about it. Now I love memes as much as the next guy, but really, what the hell is a meme going to do other than make us snicker a bit? Fallible Men are always working on improving, everyday is another day to grow personally. Any day that ends with day is a day to strive for self improvement.

That might be learning a new skill to escape the dreaded "Monday" (that goes a lot further than a meme, even a funny one) or learning how to cook something (anything will do, all men should be able to cook). That might be learning about money or reading a book about something else. I have been really working on learning about investing lately. Maybe you want to learn another language or get into better shape. Whatever improves you is a better option than whining about the day. I hate fishing, I mean hate fishing. I got myself out of bed and took my daughters at 0500 this morning because they enjoy it. I still hate fishing but I love the time with my kids even if it is over fishing. See, I am always working on being a better Dad because I signed up for that when I had kids. Maybe you are working on improving somewhere else in your life; anything that helps you grow is a good start. Author and famed Navy SEAL Jocko Winkler starts his day at 0430, if you follow his Instagram you will see pics of his watch almost every morning and he makes a great argument as to why he gets up then, check out his podcast (Jocko Podcast is the name on most platforms). He also writes awesome books for adults and kids. I don't expect you to get up at 0430, I wait till 0500. Get out of the bed and be a damn shark! This meme inspired my new shirt design because I think it is spot on. I get so much more done getting up everyday at the same time regardless of what is on the schedule that day. Workdays and off days all start at 0500, because all days are about being better when you embrace the fallible man lifestyle!

Be better tomorrow because of what you do today!

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