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Be Better Tomorrow Because of What You do Today!

Welcome to the Fallible Man! 

Look around and get to know us a little bit, we are all about personal development. You deserve to be the best version of yourself and the world really needs the person you are meant to be. So grab a drink and hang out with us a bit.



The Fallible Man is for ALL men. We want to encourage and support you as you make your journey in life to be the Man you were meant to be.

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Not all men choose this path but many do. You will find information on growing as a Husband here.


The Greatest  responsibility for a too take on raising another human being. We want to support you.

What is A Fallible Man?


A man capable of making mistakes who is imperfect, that is constantly trying to grow and improve himself daily some way.

We are every man, husband and father.

This site, all of our products and content, is dedicated to Men striving to be better. Men are important to society and the world at large. Where you are in your journey as a man may differ and will likely grow and change just like you. Whatever role you fill at this moment is important and we are dedicated to helping you grow as a Man!


My name is Brent and I am the Fallible Man. My wife Sarah is our writing editor and  recording engineer.  Dave aka The Common Man OCR is a collaborator with on some fitness videos and is a sponsor