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What is the Fallible Man LLC?

The Fallible Man LLC stands as a powerful force, unwavering in its commitment to empower men on their journey of growth and transformation. Our sole purpose is to equip men with the invaluable resources they need to excel in every facet of life. It is a lamentable truth that men are seldom encouraged to pursue personal development or embrace their full potential. However, within these digital realms, through our exceptional products, compelling content, and life-altering events, we have fostered a sanctuary dedicated to those men who aspire to become the true embodiment of their innate masculinity.

Men, hear this: you are not mere spectators in society; you are the architects of change on a global scale. Within each one of you lies an untapped reservoir of skills, talents, and purpose, yearning to be nurtured and brought forth. Yet, regrettably, the world offers scarce platforms for the exchange of these profound conversations or the support needed to undertake such profound endeavors. That is why we have arisen as a beacon amidst the shadows—a place where your growth finds solace and your journey receives the unwavering companionship it deserves. We pledge ourselves to walk this path with you, hand in hand, unwavering in our dedication to your progress, regardless of your current position.

Your journey as a man is as unique as the very essence that defines you, and it shall evolve and transfigure just as you do. Whatever role you currently fulfill, understand its significance, for we are resolutely committed to empowering your growth, as well as arming you with the necessary tools as you ascend to new heights in the future.

Now, allow us to define the Fallible Man. He is a man unafraid of his fallibilities, embracing his imperfections, and forever propelled by an insatiable desire for improvement. Each day, he strives tirelessly to manifest the epitome of his being, dedicating himself wholeheartedly to embodying the man he was destined to become.

Within the realms of the Fallible Man LLC, you shall find every man, every husband, and every father. Join us on this transformative odyssey, and together, let us forge a legacy that resonates across generations.

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Are you ready to take your life to the next level? We've got you covered every step of the way! No matter where you are in your journey, we offer a wide range of empowering services designed to uplift and guide you towards success. Whether you prefer to tune in to our inspiring podcast, engage with us through corporate events, receive personalized coaching, join transformative masterminds, attend enriching conferences, or utilize our top-notch production services, we have everything you need to reach that next step in your life! Let us be your companion on this incredible journey of growth and achievement. Together, we can make amazing things happen!

The Podcast

The Fallible Man Podcast

We are in your ear or on your screen twice a week with help on your journey

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The Phoenix

The Phoenix Men's Conference

Live! In-Person, Virtual or Simulcast. Join us for an amazing event!


The Podcast

The Read Me a Stroy Dad Podcast

Ad, Agenda, politics and promotion free stories for children

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Podcast Production

Do you need help sharing your voice?

Full audio production services for podcast



The Fallible Man is for ALL men. We want to encourage and support you as you make your journey in life to be the Man you were meant to be.



Not all men choose this path but many do. You will find information on growing as a Husband here.


The Greatest  responsibility for a too take on raising another human being. We want to support you.

Some of the Amazing Guest from Our Podcast. All with something Special to Share with You!


My name is Brent and I am the Fallible Man. My wife Sarah is our writing editor and  recording engineer. Dave aka The Common Man OCR is a collaborator with us on some fitness videos and is a sponsor for The Fallible Man

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