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Strong Man
Training Camp

Learn and practice classic strongman exercises; increase your fitness, strength and health while having fun with new challenges in a group settings. Coach Brent Dowlen (NASM-CPT) will guide you through the process and run the classes.

Exercises you will learn and experience include:
- Shield Carry
- Yoke Work
- Tire Flips
- Keg Work
- Log Press
    and More...

No experience is necessary, we will teach you the exercises in a safe manner and progress to practicing them in a circuit style workout. You will also learn proper Breathing and bracing techniques, movement patterns and more. While not required, you are encouraged to bring any accessory equipment like lifting belts or sleeves that make you more comfortable. Those will NOT be provided

Waivers MUST be signed to participate. We also recommend consulting a doctor before starting any work out regiment.