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The Phoenix Strongman Event

Come Get it!


Can you come take it

Strong Man Release Form

We are excited to bring you The Phoenix Conference Novice Strongman Event. Men love to compete and to play, we love getting physical so what kind of men's event would we be if we neglected it?

Come make history and bragging rights and be our first ever Phoenix Strongman Grand Champion. I had this beauty custom made for our event. 

This is not an official (league) event but it is still a strongman competition.  It is completely voluntary and will require the signing of a waiver. Please consult your doctor before participating in any form of physical exercise. We do not want to utilize the hospital up the street.

This is meant to be fun for the group and is covered in your registration fee. We encourage yo to bring a lifting belt or anything you prefer to use when lifting heavy weights. This is NOT something I can supply everyone.


The Phoenix Strong man
2024 List of Events

Sand Bag Medley for Time


Log Press for Reps

Tire Flip for Time


husafell Stone Carry for Laps


Hammer Hold for Time

Keg Clean and Press for Reps


Thank you and Congratulations to our 2023 Competitors!
You Guys put on an Awesome Showing!

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