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Top 10 Qualities in a Man

As voted by these are the top 10 Qualities in men; this is a site where people can vote on their own and rank things with no outside influence. Being interested in helping men become the best version of themselves, I was very curious to see what random people came up with. Below we will highlight the results and talk about what it means and if we agree with the list. The cool thing about this site is it is totally random. If you want to go rank things I guess you can go do that, seems to me like some people have too much time. Here we go!

1. Trustworthy

The top trait as voted by Ranker is defined as “able to be relied on as honest or truthful.” This should be a no brainer guys but here we are simply told that women want to be able to have faith in your words and actions. This should be simple, no one wants to spend time with people that you can’t trust or rely on.

2. Loving

Defined as “feeling or showing love or great care.” I am inclined to believe that the focus here is other people feeling love or great care from said man. We have all been around dogs right? Why does mankind love dogs? Because dogs love their owners no matter how you treat them. You always know that your dog adores you and loves you more than life. That is what they want here from you, that they always feel loved no matter what.

3. Loyal

This one didn’t surprise me at all and is defined as: “giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution.” We all want loyalty, the amount of memes online are exhaustive. We can go back to the dog example here; it is not surprising that the best attributes that we love for dogs are attributes we want to see in quality men.

4. Honest

We all want honest friends or we can’t call them friends. We need people who will tell us the truth, (number 2) lovingly of course because we need support. This is a major point for me, men should live and die by truth; honesty is required of all men. In my opinion you are not a man if you are not honest.

5. Kind

Men should be kind and I would have to add gentle. Don’t get me wrong, if you are a beastly person you can still be kind. Interestingly, hyper masculine men often can be kind more easily than physically less intimidating men because they feel more secure and like they have less to prove. Regardless of your size and physical build you should be kind always.

6. Responsible

Defined as “having an obligation to do something, or having control over or care for someone, as part of one's job or role.” This comes back to Integrity and I have gone into great detail on this in another forum. This is on here as number 6 but is really a trait that should be a standard for decent human being.

7. Good Listener

Men, here is one that goes straight to the heart of relationships with anyone but especially with women. I have listened to more omen complain that the person they were in a relationship with never listens to them. This may be the biggest single complaint I have heard over the years from women in particular. Working with people over the years I have heard teenage girls all the way to grandmothers say the same thing, “he never hears me” Sitting and watching someone talk is not the same as hearing them. As a man learn to be a good listener, it will make you better in romantic relationships, as a parent and it will help you with every other task in your life.

8. Thoughtful

This one is hard for me and somewhere I can grow, I am very analytical in the way I think which can make me be a bit mechanical in my reactions to things. I tend to leave emotion out of it, I am betting I am not alone in this. Men tend to think more left brained and deal in facts instead of “feels”. Hopefully you are one of those guys who is actually very thoughtful, but at the same time from those of us who are not, you suck! I am just kidding, congratulations on being the minority on this one. The rest of us probably have some room to grow so we can add this one to the list to work on.

9. Faithful

This is an interesting one. The question becomes what definition of faithful we are using here, because men have a capacity for devotion second only to our K9 friends. This goes back to (number 3) about being Loyal. I am going to guess that voters on this one were referring to being faithful at a romantic level and it is very simple. Men and women; if you are with someone, then be with that person. If you are done with a person, then be done with the person before you move on. (Number 5) Be Kind.

10. Smart

This is one of the easiest and most controllable bits on this entire list. This has nothing to do with “traits” because being smart is not a trait. We are huge advocates of improving yourself (it’s kind of our thing at The Fallible Man). It is simple. You should always grow your intelligence. It is one of the few things in your life that you can truly and absolutely control. Go learn things whether you are already “smart” or not; you improve your life and that of everyone around you.

Congratulations! You just got through the list! What do you think, do these match up with your top 10 qualities in a man? Do you have other things that are not on the list or that you think supersede these things? I am happy with most of this list though it may not be in sequential order, I might have gone with.

As a “Bonus” Dependable was trait number 11 on the list. To me this falls back on the Integrity issue we talked about in Number 6 on this list. I would have definitely put Integrity on the list because I think it encompasses so much here. That is one of those words that people truly don’t understand the full scope of the word, it covers so much and has such a full meaning. If you look at the word Integrity you see the word is used frequently for groups such as the military, the FBI, special forces and others; so I would have added it.

Tell me what you think in the comments below and as always

Be better tomorrow because of what you do today!

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