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The Great Juggling Act; Seeking Work Life Balance

S02E46 The Fallible Man Podcast

Welcome to the Fallible man. Podcast, your home for all things, man, husband. How do you balance it all work home, maintain your relationships, mental, physical health. I mean, it is the ever struggle of juggling life. How do you stay focused through it? How do you handle it? Do we have the capacity for all of it and to really reach our dreams?

[00:00:45] I think we do. And on today's show, we're going to talk about. The great juggling act that we all go through to balance things and maybe not lose your mind in the process. You're not gonna want to miss this guys. Our guest is Raj Subrameyer who wants to talk about actionable steps to help you achieve these goals.

[00:01:02] Raj, welcome to the fallible man podcast.

[00:01:06] Raj Subrameyer: Thanks for having me, man. I'm super excited to be here.

[00:01:10] David Dowlen: So Raj, I do not do full-blown introductions. So you said you've heard a couple of my podcasts. It just doesn't work. Right? Like I look you up before the show, I do a bunch of research, but it doesn't help my guests.

[00:01:23] So tell us who you are and why you're here.

[00:01:27] Raj Subrameyer: So again, I'm Raj and I'm a tech career strategist. So I help people specifically in the tech space to find a dream job and become successful leaders in the industry. I've been in the tech space for 15 plus years now. And I use my personal experiences and strategies to help other people.

[00:01:49] Uh, like me. So that's my main part of my job. I also do a lot of speaking at multiple conferences, company, private events. In fact, as we attack in the Saturday, I'm going to get my second FedEx back. Um, so I'm actually prepping for that. Finally. I love writing. I write for a lot of lash publications and tech magazines as well, sharing my thoughts.

[00:02:14] Different things related to entrepreneurship, motivation, tech stuff, productivity, and so on and so forth. And the reason why I'm here is, um, I feel your team in dumps of the podcasting, where as a man, you have to juggle a lot of things. And especially if you're running your own business, how do you manage family?

[00:02:39] How do you manage this? How do you manage mental and physical health? How do you stay sane in a very insane age? We are living in, so. I wanted to share so many different strategies, which I've personally followed to keep myself in a grounded and still perform at the peak level. So that's why I'm here. And I think your audience will get some actionable strategies from that discussion

[00:03:05] David Dowlen: as well.

[00:03:06] No doubt. They will get actionable strategies. Uh, I think you're going to share a lot of amazing things with the state, but the most important thing you're going to share right now is what is your favorite kind of.

[00:03:16] Raj Subrameyer: Chocolate have no other ice cream better than chocolate

[00:03:21] David Dowlen: chocolate, or just chocolate.

[00:03:24] Raj Subrameyer: Chocolate in general, you put anything, uh, chat video. It could be trapped with. And at that up there, you could put care and then chocolate crumbles and then chocolate chips, then a chocolate chip cookie, right. But the base should be chocolate and, uh, yeah, I'm a chocolate fanatic so that's one of the main reasons that is one of the main reasons I work out because, uh, I could eat a lot of chocolates.

[00:03:51] The second reason is so they can drink a lot of beer. Those are the two only hobbies and my wife, so,

[00:03:56] David Dowlen: and after my own heart I you right there, man, he's right there with. So you said you're about to do your second TEDx talks. Congratulations on that. That's incredible. And you said in your bio that you have a third one planned for this year, too?

[00:04:10] Yeah. That is incredible. Congratulations on.

[00:04:15] Raj Subrameyer: Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, it's been quite a journey, right? Um, that, that also kind of relates to our conversation where you have all these goals, which you plan for, but then life throws you a curve ball and you have to deal with different things. Right? So, um, one basic formula of which I followed through, you know, The giving tax is an example, but when we're at want to accomplish something in life, I usually come up with, uh, uh, elaborate plan where for example, let's stick with the data, right.

[00:04:53] So I wanted to give it that that four years ago, like I knew that I wanted. Uh, in some near future, I want to go with that back. So I had a vision that I was going to impact millions of people from a dead stage. That was the vision. Right. And then I had to figure out different goals to reach that vision.

[00:05:14] So the goal would be to start speaking in front of large audiences, then started giving keynotes, um, then started thinking about different topics, start taking courses, right? Those are some goals associated with reaching the main vision of being a good speaker. And then now you have goals, but then you have to have tasks to actually accomplish those goals.

[00:05:38] So one of the examples would be, if you say you want to take. That speaking course, then some of the tasks would be research. What that speaking courses available, then figure out, well, what is the duration, right? What is the cap price? So there are so many tasks associated with just taking the speaking course.

[00:06:00] And then I go one step further and plug that into my Google calendar. So I would put chunks of time mentioning exactly what I'm going to do that particular day. So. I don't see you. I see you more think about what to do. It's already there in my Google calendar as a block of time, like a one hour block of time.

[00:06:17] Right. I read this book called deep work by Cal Newport. I highly just that, because it that's about how they do cognitively demanding tasks in focused time back sessions. And that's what I'm doing as well. And yeah. So once you have the vision goals, Desks map that be a Google calendar. Now we are talking in terms of an actionable way.

[00:06:42] The reach that vision. And then in January, I started applying for Fairfax after doing all this work and I was just really grateful, lucky, and some hard work to get three that backs this year. So I'm going to do my second one, the Saturday it's on toxic leader. And, um, the third one is going to be about Asian racism topics.

[00:07:09] So yeah. So that's, that is some actual strategy they're right there for all of you watching or listening. If, if you, if you have anything you want to accomplish in mind in your mind, put that in writing, come up with a plan and then execute it.

[00:07:26] David Dowlen: All right. I got to ask, right, because everybody's going to argue to some extent.

[00:07:32] Is there such a thing as a life balance, can you really accomplish a balance?

[00:07:41] Raj Subrameyer: That's that's a great question. Um, It depends upon what balance means to you, right? Different or different people have different interpretation of what balance actually means. So for me, balance is having enough time to travel.

[00:08:01] Spending enough time with my family balances, making sure I can still run my business successfully without killing myself. So that is balanced for me, but that may look different for another person, but if it's a single person young with no responsibilities balance could be working out and then earning a lot of money.

[00:08:23] Right. So I think it's very contextual when you talk about balance. And when I say work, life balance, what I mean. Having some structure in life so that he could, uh, give the necessary attention based on your intention to the necessarily things. Right. So let's just take an example here. So, um, as we went back in, I, uh, wrote my book as well, which got published last December and I wrote the book.

[00:08:54] In the midst of a pandemic while taking care of my then three months old son, full time for seven months from nine to 4:30 PM. And then I also wrote the book while actually coaching clients while running my business while doing my writing while doing my speaking. Right. But I had to find a balance. So I decided that always in the mornings is going to be family.