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The Father

Fathers are important! They affect children in amazing ways and shape their lives forever.

Here are some quick statistics for us (because we like statistics); children from fatherless homes are

· 4 time more likely to end up in poverty

· 7 times more likely for teenage pregnancy

· 2 times more likely to drop out

· More likely to go to jail

· More likely to try drugs

· More likely to become obese

· More likely to have behavioral issues

· There is a 2 times greater risk for infant mortality in a fatherless home

If you have children then man up! Biologically fathering a child is not being a father or make you worthy of the title Daddy. This is a call to all men to step up to the plate and raise the bar so high that no one can compete. Men, be the kind of Father that your sons hope to one day measure up to. Set the bar so high for your daughters that they will struggle to find a man worthy of their ideal of what a man is. It is time to become superman! Here at the fallible man we believe in growing every single day in some meaningful way. Set the bar for yourself so high that you can't possibly reach it, but never stop trying. The Fallible Man is about owning who you are and refusing to stay there; about growing to be the very best Man you can be.

Be better tomorrow because of what you do today!

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