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Stand on a Rock!

I was raised with a very simple principal guiding my life, God, Family, Country. I have heard a lot of people say the same words over the years, some seriously some factually and some as a joke. I don't know where you stand on this 3 things and I respect your right to feel whatever you like about them. There is an idea I want you to take away from it though and that is this simple statement.

A man needs a rock to stand on!

A man needs a foundation that is solid to have any hope of being anything in their future. Regardless of how you personally feel about the mantra God, Family, Country it gave me 3 pillars to stand on no matter what came. That foundation has guided me in every moment and decision that mattered in my life. There are people out there that once they learn what your pillars are may try to manipulate you with them. That fact does not change the need for pillars in your life to stand on. For every thing a person can say there is an easy cop-out as to why you should not listen, there will always be unscrupulous people who muddy the waters of sound reason. You have to just know there are those people and they are not worth your time and are part of why you need a strong foundation. A solid foundation is the difference between people who weather the trials of this world and come out on top and those who get swept away by them.

When I started the Fallible Man I did a lot of research into the various avenues I would need to traverse to make this all I hoped. ( I am still on that journey and thanks for being a part of it with me! ) In my research I came across a young women who is an entrepreneur and coach for social media people, Vanessa Lau. ( She is successful and intelligent from what I can tell and at the very least is great at what she does. She introduced me to her "3 Pillars Principal", you can look it up, but the 30,000 foot view is that it helps you stay on point with your content. (I linked the video, click if interested)

It is very sound advice for making sure you are producing content that stays true to your your brand. However it holds true on a much larger scale then that.

The 3 pillars that have guided my life are God, Family, Country. You do not have to use those three; maybe your life is guided by completely different pillars and that is fine. Maybe you have not developed your 3 pillars to stand on, or you simply have not named them. You likely have them even if you have not recognized them out loud.

Here is her idea

3 Pillars = Things that are the core of you and what you do


3 Values = Values that hold sway over who you are.

Together these combine to shape you and your brand. I would like to suggest that Vanessa's insight for a solid brand may offer an even larger foundation for how you choose to live your life. There are a lot of people in the world who have no direction or focus and since you are here I doubt that is you, at the very least you are searching. My Pillars of God, Family Country affected by my personnel values have given me a footing in this world. It helps me find clarity and direction no matter what life throws at me. Maybe the idea of writing things down like this seem stupid, I feel that way about a lot of exercises I have heard from people about putting it on paper. Maybe your brain can wrangle this without writing it down. I was surprised when I did the difference it felt from just thinking it. Take it for a spin, you need to know your foundation, make sure it is a solid rock. These things cannot be superficial or they will fail you.

All credit to Vanessa Lau for the 3 Pillars Principal and you should check out some of her work if you are in business, she also offers coaching online. The website is linked above.

Give it a try and share down below in the comments area, I would love to hear what you think!

Be better tomorrow because of what you do today!

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