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Social Media Addiction: The Story and Solutions. Dr. Christian Heim

I have to share this from our friend Dr. Christian Heim. This is so important, be sure and give the video a like, share and follow Dr. Heim on YouTube!

What is Social Media Addiction and what are screens doing to your brain? Is Social Media Addiction a form of brain damage? Psychiatrist Dr Christian Heim looks at the current science and published studies behind it all (references at the end of the video). Is it possible that Social Media Addiction is such an accepted part of life that we fail to recognize it? How have screens affected how we interact as people? What can be done? Dr Heim suggests 8 ways of getting on top of the dopamine hits and the screens to become Boss in your Brain. You choose. The hope is in you.

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Dr. Christian Heim has been a guest on our podcast and answered questions live on our live stream. He is an award winning psychiatrist from Australia and has written several books.


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