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Real Talk: Conservationist, Criminal, Coach, Dad. You won’t believe it’s not Hollywood


[00:00:00] David Dowlen: If we were to watch your life as a movie, would it be interesting? I mean, we, we all kind of hope so. Well, my guest today has a story that's honestly more interesting than any Jerry Bruckheimer movie. One day, I imagine we'll probably end up seeing part of it on the silver screen. If he gets around enough, Aaron Young has lived a crazy story and he wants to help you in your life with what he's discovered on his journey.

[00:00:22] So let's get into it today. Be better tomorrow because of what you do today. Guys, welcome to the fallible man podcast. My name is Brent, and this is your home for all things, man, husband and father. And I'd like to welcome Aaron Young to the show

[00:00:39] Aaron Young: today. Thank you, my friend. It's a pleasure to be here. It's very humbling to hear that intro.

[00:00:46] You might be nervous. I've never, I'm not usually a nervous man. Sweaty Palm literally said, um, it's just cause it's humbling. So thank you very much for the intro. Almost pop the tea.

[00:00:56] David Dowlen: You're joining us say from Brisbane, Australia. Is that correct? Yeah, that's correct. Yeah. Okay. So for reference, for all of us who don't know the real world, we're aware real well, where is Brisbane in Australia?

[00:01:07] Aaron Young: Okay. So basically I'm on the east coast of the country of Australia and I'm up towards the Northern side of that east coast. So I live on a place called the sunshine coast and it literally is because it's sunny all the time, all year, and I'm not robbing Indian guys. And I'm 30 minutes from the beach heaven on earth.

[00:01:25] Very grateful for it, too

[00:01:28] David Dowlen: great chance to do some research and look at some of the stuff you put out. I looked at your YouTube channel and found that today, uh, looking for some of your videos and I read the incredible story on, uh, the app. We used to meet up and set up this interview, but I'm a horrible podcast.

[00:01:46] I just, because I don't think that really actually introduces people. I can read off credentials all day. Listeners are like, so tell our listeners who is Aaron Young in your own words, who do they,

[00:02:04] Aaron Young: oh, wow. You know why? Because I've been trying to write this, you know, I'm trying to do this PR thing and this media thing, which I'm just not a very good self promoter and you try to write my life into a condensed version. I'm going to use some terms here, which I'm not really comfortable with, but I think somewhat so myself, I'm a survivor of early childhood trauma at the hands of my mother and an abductor, I then went on to turn these experiences into a lot of fear and anger, which I think many men turn fear into anger.

[00:02:33] If they've been through a situation like that, then turn criminal, then turn drug addict, then cleaned up into drug drug addict again, then learn, that my, my biggest addiction was relationships. And actually not drugs or alcohol, but then I turned Explorer and then I left Australia 2004, you know, and I traveled the world middle east and Africa, became a conservationist purely by accident.

[00:02:57] I'm an elephant and lion behavior specialist. I'm a farmer, which is another new one. You could throw it in there as well. So what are we up? We've got criminal conservationist. And as we know, in the end, after farming, I became a fugitive. So firstly, I was chased by authorities. Then I did two prison stints in Africa, two separate prison.

[00:03:17] Stints jumped borders illegally, in between two countries to see my kids. Yeah. And now, I'd say I'm a life coach or a mentor or not really comfortable with that phrase. I'm a guy who turns all that stuff into gold for others. I want to inspire action in people's lives. I'm a little bit tired of seeing a lot of it.

[00:03:37] The books and the, and the podcast that basically talk, and encourage us to talk. And what my idea of this is, no, I want you to get up off your ass. I want you to listen to something and go, you know what? I'm inspired to take action because in my life, that was when I took action. That the things that the things changed,

[00:03:55] David Dowlen: all right, well, that actually got into more of your story, but I was looking for who are you like?

[00:04:02] I mean, you're Aaron Young, right? Who is Aaron Young, your everybody's a product of their experiences. I mean, we definitely are, but today, who are you? Why, why do we, should people listen to you? You have an incredible story. What makes you, you,

[00:04:24] Aaron Young: geez, you put me on the spot. This is where I'm not very, cause I'm not very good at this.

[00:04:28] This is where you asked me to look and really talk about what I value in myself. And what I value is, I'm an incredibly courageous and humble person who was gifted with an incredible set of life experiences that I turned into the positive. So everything I just rambled off, that was a little brief expedite on my life.

[00:04:50] I can stand up and talk to you about the benefit that every single one of those experiences gave me. And I turned the hopeless in dope. That is what I do. And I do that because I've been into those situations and I felt the hopelessness and I know the waste through it.

[00:05:07] David Dowlen: So you're in trouble. Cause I watched some YouTube videos earlier.

[00:05:11] I was watching the review on a weekend. You did with older gentlemen, from Northern Australia, talking about making them go in on themselves actually. And so now I know you're capable of it. So I. Yeah. Cause I

[00:05:25] Aaron Young: know you can do it. Yeah. And it is. And I'm glad that it's what I need to do more of. Because as I said to you, I'm very blessed I about my life and I need to stop doing that because if one thing adversity and challenge has taught me is that once I serve others with it, it becomes a life that is a thousand fold.

[00:05:44] And I become a messenger, not through ego, but through sheer presence. And I think that's what we're here for many of us. I mean, I know that's why you're here. That's what you're doing. And I'm still learning how to do that via things like questions like that, where you put me on my ass and throw me off a little bit.

[00:05:59] Good. And I'm glad I need it.

[00:06:02] David Dowlen: I didn't understand the reference to NTD at four

[00:06:07] Aaron Young: NDE, need to experience

[00:06:09] David Dowlen: near-death is experiance and then kidnapped at

[00:06:12] Aaron Young: five. Yeah.

[00:06:15] David Dowlen: And then when you even made a comment about, it was a great thing that happened to

[00:06:19] Aaron Young: you. Yeah, it was, and, and this is what I do with experiences like this.

[00:06:24] So I need that experience in a nutshell was, my mother was an addict suffers from some pretty severe mental health issues. She had me very young at around 18 and probably the worst time in her life. I cried a lot. So I watch her in her words. She basically shook me till I stopped and then threw me on a bed and left me.