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Parenting, they lied to you! Maybe

All the dads out their, it's hard work right? They never prepared us for having no privacy, no time, and no end to little ones constantly asking for something. No one tells you you will never sleep soundly again or that you will loose all dignity. No one tells you that life is never the same again. The sitcoms and the comedians get a great laugh out of it, I remember Bill Engvall doing bit about having to say things like "son, don't bite the dog" and other things yo never thought you would say. Turns out, they got it right and all your friends lied to you about how great it all is. We all want to keep up a super parent image, so we tend not to share the frustrations. Today was a huge win in our house, my 8 year old just swam the length of the pool by herself for the first time. Big win, we all cheered and I am so proud as a father of this accomplishment because I know it is significant for her. If you follow my Instagram account @thefallibleman you know that

I hate fishing, I go almost every week, sometimes twice a week. I do it for moments like this one to the right. The whole morning was worth this photo right here. My kids get so excited about fishing even though we are not very good at it. I love spending the time with them even though I have a million (at least it feel like it) things to do. Last night they were on my last never and my wife's too, the state of social activity things to the corona virus has them all cabin fevered up. Which in turn is making us all a little crazy. They want to be entertained and don't understand we can't play with them all day. My wife and I were so relieved when they went to bed for the night. Then we got to swim today and the oldest had such a great triumph and we all shared that moment.

So Dad, take a breath, it is okay that you get frustrated and tired. You will, despite wanting to be superman you are human. Parenting is exhausting and you will have more days questioning your sanity and patience than not. It is hard work, it has nothing to do with loving your kids. So give yourself a break, it is okay that you have those feelings. It just makes you like every other parent. The victories you get to share as they grow and learn are worth the pain, but there will be pain.

Be better tomorrow because of what yo do today!

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