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No more excuses! Stop being fat and out of shape!

It happens to us all, we grow up, get jobs and start real life. Then comes marriage, kids, mortgages, bills and commitments. Life happens. We start to adult and become real and productive members of society. Then somewhere between 23 and 25 our metabolism that has kept our wash board abs (if you ever had them) starts to slow down and the fast food catches up. Gas station deli foods and drive through begin to take their toll. Our waist band starts to expand and it seems like we spend the rest of our lives "trying" to shrink it back down. We lie to ourselves for years about how much weight we have actually put on and by the time we realize the truth we have our work cut out for us. Sound familiar? I am talking about one of your friends, not you of course. Maybe you haven't hit this spot yet in your life, maybe you are still young enough your metabolism hasn't started to grind to a halt. If so, learn now before you have a long fight to contend with. The reality is we all face ageing and life. Life continues forward and we are busy trying to make a living. Your body is not on your schedule though, it doesn't care what else yo have to do.

All that said and with the full knowledge that I am speaking to me and anyone else that needs it. No more excuses! Stop being fat and out of shape!

There are literally dozens of diets out there and all of them work if you exercise some self control and do what yo should. The problem is we want instant change which is a myth. It doesn't happen and is not possible without surgical procedures. Find the diet you can live on and stop calling it a diet, just learn to eat right. STOP eating the crap you know full well you should not. You don't need a dietitian to tell you to stop going through the drive through. You are not a child so stop eating like one, you don't need a reward for eating well for a day or a week. You need to develop some grit and eat what you know your body needs. You will loose up to 10 pounds just cutting out all the crap you already know you should not eat. I did. Being heavier than you should be robs you of your health and your best self.

Maybe your not a gym guy, that's fine. I love the gym, that top picture is a 500lb carry I was doing because I like to work out. I think men should be strong. You don't have to be a gym guy, go walk. I am blessed to have positioned myself close to where I work, I walked 2.3 miles there and back today with a 50lb pack in 35 minutes. You don't need a pack, just walk. Three 10 minute walks a day can change your life, I am a big fan of Stan Efferding and the Vertical Diet. I can tell you honestly I loved the Vertical Diet but the 10 minute walks after my 3 meals a day was huge. Maybe you ride a bicycle, maybe you crossfit or maybe you hike. Get moving and get physical, you owe yourself the opportunity to see just what you can do and become. Don't shorten your life and your possibilities by letting something you can control ruin your life.

Be better tomorrow because of what you do today!

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