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How to Hack your Mind for Success with The Corporate Action Hero John Davis

I wanted to link this Podcast here instead of a Blog today. This was an incredible interview and John shared so much great information. If you are a normal reader, I know this is a break from the normal blog, but I did not want you to miss out on this!

Welcome to the Fallible Man Podcast, your home for all things Man, Husband and Father. We provide content to help men become the men they want to be. My name is Brent and I Am the Fallible Man! On today’s Show: I am excited to be joined by The Corporate Action Hero John Davis! John is an internationally known speaker, Comedian, Fighter Director and Action Hero. He has entertained our troops overseas with the USO, done conferences with top companies to help grow their internal culture. Today we are thrilled to have John with us to discuss “ How to Hack your Mind for Success” Be sure to stick around to the end as John Shares the “5 F’s” of achievement. Stick around to the end for a scene from John's Stage show

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John’s Free Ebook “Corporate Action Hero 5F Workbook”

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