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Grave Before Shave... Review

Now I love a glorious beard and make a lot of crack about men without them that are probably unfair. However taking care of one is a lot of work, so hear are some of my favorite products. So this will likely be a series of post.

Grab a cup of coffee as I am enjoying some as I write and take some notes all my bearded brothers.

I just started using Grave Before Shave products a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for some beard butter and one of the other brands I use doesn't make any. I started shopping and read some reviews after I narrowed it down. Let me shout my favorite YouTube channel for this type of info: Beardtube does an awesome job.

I had seen this on Amazon before and let's start with the most obvious fact. Grave Before Shave has the most impressive art work of any company producing beard products. They have an in house artist that does all original artwork for their products. I am going to include an image, I have no rights to this but here is an example:

All of their artwork is that cool, I had wanted to buy some of their stuff before just based on the artwork. I didn't know anything about them so I hadn't yet, that artwork is sick. I design my own line of clothing, but I want some of the shirts they sell just cause I love the art that much. So let's move past the incredible art to the products themselves. I love the smell of Vanilla Cigar. I have the oil and the beard butter, I almost cannot keep my children out of my beard, my daughters walk over and randomly smell my beard when I am watching TV or working on the computer. It is actually annoying because we are talking full bury their face in my beard. They love it. I am not sure the cigar part is very strong, as someone who enjoys a great strong cigar ( I will review my favorite brand soon) This maybe a little more gas station vanilla cigar than cigar if you know what I mean.

I tried to take a good picture, but my wife is the photographer not me. The oil is just a great smelling oil and I prefer it on days when I don't have to tame the beast as much to just keep my beard healthy and silky. The beard butter is amazing though. I have used beard balm and am new to beard butter, man I am a believer in beard butter now.

First, their containers are larger for the same amount of money as other brands smaller jars. Your cash goes further which we can all appreciate. Secondly: The stuff emulsifies incredibly, which if you don't know the term, means it goes from it's butter stat into an oil as you rub it between your palms or finger tips. No chunks of white crap in your beard.

Thirdly: A little dab will do you, I have a pretty decent beard and it takes a dime size amount to handle my beard, so this stuff jar will last quiet a while.

Lastly: It works into your beard nicely and really calms it down to something manageable. I have a pretty wild, crazed mountain man kind if beard and I work in an office area. So for professionalism I have to keep it under control or my company might enforce their stupid no facial hair crap. This holds for the work day, but not the ALL day hold of a stiff balm. There is no wax in this so it has less hold, but enough.

Can't wait to try their other scents, I have their beard wash as well but maybe in another review. Over all a pretty great product for a reasonable price. Quantity to dollar value is definitely an upside and the art is sweet.

Be better tomorrow because of what you do today!

<-- Click on the image to go to Amazon!

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