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Epstein and Maxwell… Monsters among us

Unless you have completely had your head under a stone for the last year and a half you are likely familiar with the name of Jeffery Epstein. You may not be as familiar with Ghislaine Maxwell unless you caught her recent arrest amid the insanity of the news cycle recently. If you are not familiar with this women she is a British socialite that was Epstein’s willing accomplice and enabler; frequently responsible for recruiting underage girls for Epstein and his clients. Interviews with their victims paint a very dark and disturbing picture of this dark world and the evil monsters it catered to as well as those who ran it. I don’t generally write about politics or breaking news, but this is fresh on my mind as Maxwell is big news currently. As a father of 2 little girls this whole saga has hit a nerve; any father knows that the idea of monsters preying on our children is the stuff of nightmares.

I bring this whole situation to make a few very simple points that should be incredibly obvious for anyone reading this. These monsters are the kind of fuel that people who are leading the march against men like to use to scream “toxic masculinity”. Unbelievably, the people screaming about toxic masculinity like to lump all men in with monsters like Epstein. Oddly the people asserting this opinion often get angry if they feel like they themselves are being generalized or stereo typed. However they like to take the very worst people in society and point a finger at all men and say that they represent all men.

Let me say this very clearly

Men do not prey on children, women or anyone weaker than them ever.

Masculinity, real masculinity does not prey on people nor need to be validated by dominating anyone or anything. Men do not actively seek to damage anyone who is not a direct threat to their tribe or themselves. The world has enough monsters in it that are truly horrible creatures, depraved people who sicken and destroy everyone around them. We do not need to Salem Witch trial all men based on the worst people in society. People inherently believe that judging a race by a few bad people is wrong. However, many seem content to demonize entire groups by the actions of a few, just look at the “defund the police” nonsense. Riots erupt if generalizations are made based on race or sexual orientation; however we can damn the entire male species based on some bad men. The same standard is not held for Ms. Maxwell in the public eye as Mr. Epstein. Who is the bigger monster (if we are to judge people) the man who abused the girls or the woman who recruited and served up hundreds of underage girls to the monster knowing the intent and sometimes took part in the abuse herself on top of supplying them? I think they are both evil, and listening to the victims stories it is clear that they see her as worse than him.

Monsters exist, men in general are not them and should not be demonized by the actions of a few people. Men’s role in a world of monsters was actually well stated by Edmund Burke

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Be better tomorrow because of what you do today!

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