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Duke Cannon Supply Review

I am probably really old fashion in my thinking, on a lot of things if I am honest. Maybe this is going to seem stupid to some of you who have progressed. I like bar soap. I absolutely hate loofahs and liquid soap. I am perfectly okay with that crap for women, and that is probably a chauvinistic thought, but this is The Fallible Man doing the typing. I grew up with a bunch of women in my house, I have a wife and 2 daughters and 7 nieces in my life. Women like all kinds of things I don't understand our like, but God bless them they can have it. I used ivory soap for years, just plain old white bard ivory soap. Then some lava black soap my wife got me which was pretty decent. Then on one of my favorite podcast, where my Drinkin Bros at, comment below. I heard of Duke Cannon from some guys more like me, for guys like me. They do have liquid soap, times demand it, but they have giant bars of amazing smelling soap. To top it off they combined it with one of my favorite vices, bourbon. To make Buffalo Trace Soap

Let's start with a moment of silence and appreciate this moment.

Okay, still with me? The bar is a whopping 10 ounce bar, this is closer to a brick then bar. It is almost twice as big as any bar of soap I have ever had in my life. I couldn't take any pictures of my box or bar as the box is gone and the bar is not in a photogenic state. I love the smell of this massive bar of soap which is not expensive at all, it retails for $9.50 which is not bad at all considering it's almost literally twice the size of other soap bars.

The smell is something else, I told my wife I was going to try other scents and she wanted to know why cause it is that good. It is weird how much I get sniffed between beard oil and soap. I love the smell of this soap Not sure it is a bourbon smell, maybe a warm bourbon smell? I got lucky and found these at my local ACE Hardware (weird right) so I have not bought them directly from Duke Cannons website. They are also available on Amazon and why not pair it with this bad boy

This is the Tactical Scrubber and it is a wash rag for their soap. Also made by Duke Cannon for their giant bars of soap so you don't drop the soap (that could be an issue for some people) With a string to hold and serious texture you can securely scrub yourself and get all the nastiest crap off you. I have personally used this after laying 3.5k pounds of concrete and it worked great. I also smelt great after and felt clean. It washes clean easily to, no filmy hard to wash off feel. You don't still feel like you have soap after you rinse. Just straight clean and smelling great. Not sure why someone didn't come up with this perfect design years ago to compliment bar soap. It was the only useful thing about a loofah, sometimes a bar of soap was not abrasive enough on it's own. They have sold me, I am a fan if you missed that. They have some other products I want to try as well like soap pucks. A wide range of scents if bourbon isn't your thing. Give it a try, I linked the pics to their site, wish I had a discount code for you, but I don't.

Be better tomorrow because of what you do today!

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