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Don't you Want to Be SuperMan

I hated superman growing up, I always thought he was the most ridiculous superhero. I am sure some people just closed this blog, but for those of you still with me. (Thanks)

I found super man super unrelatable, even as a kid I thought someone whose only vulnerability was a random rare space rock just didn't work. The first time I read the conflict between batman and superman I totally understood batman's point of view. If his only weakness is a random space rock then his invincibility is repulsive. What or who can hold him accountable? If there is not something that can hold him accountable then relying on his own goodness is dangerous.

I never got it, until my first child was born. My Abby was born prematurely, God blessed us and there was only one minor complication, it was too much work for her to try to eat. A week in the hospital till she was strong enough to eat on her own power was easy compared to what many parents go through. I have never felt powerless until that moment. All the money in the world could change nothing, my raw strength was useless and I could not think my way out of it. I was humbled and terrified. We were blessed, she is a healthy 8 year old who just swam the length of the pool for the first time today. We have another daughter as well that keeps us on our toes.

In that day and that moment I resolved to become superman, at least to my daughters. I never want to face another moment like that first few days, though I am sure I will eventually. Like most dad's I would stand toe to toe with a grizzly without a second thought to protect my children. Those moments when they get sick and all you can do is hold them are crushing to me, I feel powerless again. SO everyday I dedicate myself to becoming more. More than I think I can and more than I am currently. I want to raise the bar so high that my daughters cannot accept anything less than superman from boys in the future. I work to make sure I can come up with every answer, solve any problem and fix any thing. My children seem to think I can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Well, they are smart enough to know better but some of the task they believe I can achieve are realistically no less ridiculous. I once herd a guy say something like, try to be the man your children think you are. I didn't understand at the time, but now I am starting to learn. Daddy is a really big title to fill, the things my children think I can do are a serious level of awesome to reach. Everyday learn something new: read a book, watch a video, Google it, study a new skill, learn a new language, lift more weight, do more push-ups. Something every single day to improve. Make it impossible for your children to let some punk measure up by setting the bar so high that they will accept nothing less. I want to be superman in my kids eyes, don't you?

Be better tomorrow because of what you do today!

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