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Don't Panic, but What Now?

Yesterday I watched in horror as protest turned to violence on live feeds in our nation’s capital and people were hurt, at least 1 life was tragically lost. I am not interested in talking on the political spectrum. I do not care who you voted for or what your political opinions are. What I am interested in is who you decide to be going forward. It did not require this election for us to know that the system is, at best, damaged and broken. It is very simple. Some people believe the election went as it would and that there are people just unhappy. Some people believe there was foul play at work and the election was stolen. I will not tell you what you should or should not believe.

The country is divided.

Faith is lost in our most sacred of constitutional procedures.

The next 4 years will lose any value they may have had possible, because no one trusts the results.

People on the extremes of both sides have called for things that are disturbing at the very least and unconscionable in some cases. Re-education camps?

What have we allowed ourselves to become?

Politicians and media have played our darkest hours against The People for the sake of ratings, profit and power. While good, honest, hardworking people have struggled and been crushed under oppression, lawlessness and unreasonable restrictions. The elite, the media circus and the politicians have pointed fingers and tried to focus rage on everyone except their own failures and crimes.

We have been set against our brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, community members and other people we actually know and interact with. We have been polarized by people we will likely never know and told to take it out on people we do.

So the most important question is this America, what now?

Will you be the country I know you are? Will you be the nation that gets knocked down but is relentless in it's pursuit of justice, freedom and liberty? Or will you simply go back to sleep?

We have grown comfortable and complacent. We have grown weak in our rage and ferocity. Far too many of us have drank the koolaid and have lost who we are.

We are the nation that embraces Truth, Liberty, Justice and Freedom. We have sent our amazing soldiers into countries that had this kind of trouble to help make sure it was righted.

How many elections have we come to the aid of other countries for? Yet we can’t take the time to right our own?

I am not saying the election was stolen or that it was not. My opinion is irrelevant. The facts are simple. There is enough evidence (or just enough people who believe there is evidence) to warrant scrutiny at the utmost level. Not for one candidate's sake but for The Peoples sake.

It is very simple. Whoever won, won. However since there is a great divide over if it was questionable then it is very simple. We need to satisfy The People for the sanctity of our country. If you are confident that your candidate won on the up and up then neither candidate's parties should mind honest investigation to restore the faith of the people. It would make the next year much simpler. However we are not likely to meet in the middle. We are too childish and petty to do the reasonable and smart thing. An intelligent party would welcome a full on investigation, just to quell all doubts and restore people’s faith in our great democratic republic. It is a lot easier to get things done if half the country doesn’t think it was fixed. It would also restore our ability to interact with each other.

That will not happen, so what now.

4 Simple truths:

  1. You have to get up tomorrow and live your life in your community. Just like you did yesterday and 6 months ago and 3 years ago.

  2. Regardless of which party “runs” the White House, our government in it's current form is broken. The President will do things that piss you off, things you don’t care about and even maybe some decent things. (This fact has not changed in the last 100 years or more.)

  3. The media disproportionately exaggerates and exacerbates our divides. If you go calmly talk to people in your community you will find that we are not as divided as they make us believe. So maybe we need to focus on why we allow them to do this for ratings?

  4. Many of you have been woken up to the discrepancies in our governments and media. Only you can decide what you do with that information.

America is on the brink, not because of who is in the White House. It is there because we have allowed ourselves to become entertained, distracted and complacent. Influences like corporations, other countries, greed, and non-American Ideals have been chipping away at our precious country for years trying to take her resources and beliefs and strip them away.

Will we stand or will we fall?

The choice is in our hands and it always has been.


The Fallible Man

Be better tomorrow because of what you do today!


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