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Bossman Beard Products Review

When I first started actually taking care of my beard, like actually using “beard” products this is where it began. I have had and still have at least 3 of their products in my arsenal of beard care.

· Bossman Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner

· Bossman Relaxing Beard Balm

· Bossman Beard Oil/Jelly

Stagecoach Scent - If the most interesting man in the world were a cowboy, his beard would beg for Stagecoach. This Texas sized blend of rugged leather, sweet tobacco, and aged Bourbon will make your beard look and smell like a gentleman as you belly up to any saloon. Saddle not required.

I pulled that description of the scent from the company themselves for comparison purposes and it made me laugh. I have no doubt that this description is exactly why I chose this product, it is like they tailor made it for me with leather, bourbon, and tobacco. I was also very enticed by the idea of beard jelly as opposed to oil, I thought it had promise over the idea of straight oil. So I will make this a little on each product and say the smell is incredible of the overall collection. The one caveat is the conditioner doesn’t have much smell, but that is ok since the other products go on after.

The Conditioner was a really new concept for me, I had only ever washed my beard with my regular shampoo. So buying beard shampoo and conditioner as a separate thing from my regular shampoo was a big change. I will say that the beard shampoo is fine but the conditioner has made a huge difference in my beard. It has left my beard in better shape and over all so much healthier than it was before. I makes my beard softer and feel better, this is when my kids first started getting overly cuddly with my beard. They had played with it from the day they were born, but after I started using this conditioner my kids and wife both started nuzzling in a little closer.

The Beard Jelly has been awesome! Let me just lead off with a straight up, this stuff is great! I was really curious about how this was going to compare to beard oil and I am actually just floored with how impressive this form is. It goes into your beard smooth and clean without dripping through, most importantly you can work it down to the skin and it STAYS there. A common misconception is that you are trying to get the oil in the hair, but you really need to get it down to the skin and let it absorb into the skin and the follicle. This product works incredible for this purpose if nothing else. I am experimenting with other suppliers now, but I keep this and will use it as an overnight oil at least twice a week.

The Balm is pretty much any balm with the great smell of the Stage Coach scent. I can’t honestly say it stands out in any particular way from any other. If like me you are into the smell it rounds you off nicely when you need that major control for your caveman beard.

Be better tomorrow because of what you do today!

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