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A Three Ring Circus

We have heard that all the world is a stage, but sometimes that stage is the center ring of a three-ring circus. It takes one look at the news cycle to see the world is a little crazier than usual right now. I follow a group on Facebook called “Honk Honk Clown World” that is dedicated to highlights of the insanity that is freely running amuck in the world currently.

I am not even specifying whose politics or what side of politics or anything else, totally bi-partisan. I say the world is crazier than a three-ring circus. Everything is the wibbly wobbly timey wimey kind of nuts you might expect from a Dr Who episode.

What I would like to propose to my fellow men, who want to just be good men, is a very simple idea.

Just Don’t Participate.

I would never ask you to sit on your hands when it comes to moral or ethical issues, in fact you would not be much of a man if you did. I am simply proposing that you refrain from the nonsense. Do not give it power or sway in your life. Use reason, logic, informed knowledge and common sense to temper all of your actions. Be dispassionate.

Emotional responses to ideas is part of the reason for all of this insanity; people are allowing their “feelings” to interfere with fact and choices.

Regardless of your personal feelings on the man, Ben Shapiro is an excellent debater. One of his most well known statements is “facts don't care about your feelings.” It is a truth I love about lifting weights. You are either strong enough or not, the weights are disconnected and dispassionate about whether you are capable and what you want to do.

Likewise, we would do well to step out of the circus and be honest and objective. Leave the circus and tend to your world with a keen mind and dispassionate honesty. Not everything in the world is black and white, but much more of it is than people like to admit.

Do not allow emotions to control you, children do that.

(This is indeed a short post; some things need to be simple, straight to the point, and brief. Not all things need a long drawn out argument.)

Thanks for joining me.

The Fallible Man

Be better tomorrow because of what you do today!