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5 Things to make your Marriage work. Husbands pay attention!

Here are 5 tips to help you reach from "I do"to 50 years and going. I am 19 years in and going strong and my wife and I plan on going to the dust together.

1. Put effort into the relationship everyday

One of the biggest mistakes we make as husbands is thinking once she say “I do” the work is over. A lot of men checkout of the work portion of the relationship because we have it nailed down. We can go get fat, lazy and be slobs because we already have ours. That is a bunch of crap, she said yes, so show some gratitude by putting in the effort every day. If you want to be celebrating that 5, 10, 15, 20 year mark and hopefully more than do the work. She is worth the effort or you would not have done the initial work, the minute you stop recognizing that she is worth the effort she will see it too and you are screwed. Put in the work every single day for the rest of your life, every day is another day to be a great husband.

2. Love her for her Flaws, not her strength

So maybe you shopped around for a while, you dated a bunch of women over the years and you think you have it on lock as to what you love about her. The truth is it is not the perfect or what you think you love about her. It is all the little flaws that make her amazing and it is all the little flaws that you would miss if she was gone. All the things that make you crazy are the things that you love the most if you really love her. A person is made up of a bunch of little annoying habits and traits that make you who you are. We can spend a life time trying to change for the better and should, but the core of who you are is your flaws. The part that makes your wife amazing, is all the stuff that makes her imperfect.

3. Be her best friend

You can laugh at this one if you want, my wife and I started as friends. We started as friends and became best friends and then I asked her to marry me. Here is the best advice I can give you. The person I want to call first for anything in my life whether good, bad or in between is my wife. She is the person that I want to share everything with, she knows what a pain in the a$$ I am and loves men anyway. No bs, your wife should be your ride or die. (sorry for the stupid term)

4. Make her laugh on her darkest day and you are winning

You are in for the win if you know your spouse well enough to get a laugh even on her worst day. Make the effort to make sure you can, because these are the people who go the distance in the marriage game. If you want to be that old couple that everyone is in awe of because you have been together for 50 years, this is huge! If you can get her to smile or laugh when she wants to kill everyone or is angry at the whole world then you have a future together.

5. Consider her in every decision

This should be a forgone conclusion, so I am not going to go long on this. If you love someone then you consider them in every single decision of every day. Otherwise you don’t really love them.

Be better tomorrow because of what you do today!

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