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5 Reasons all Men should be able to Cook in 2020

Every Man should know how to Cook and be able to fend for himself in the Kitchen! I may have said it before but here is the simple truth, everyone should know how to cook! This especially should include you for several reasons. Here are 5 reasons you should know how to cook as a man in 2020 and what to do about it.

1. You cannot count on someone else to do it for you.

As roles have changed among men and women in the last couple decades so have skill bases. Once upon a time men and women had clearly defined roles in any kind of romantic relationship based upon their sex. We have moved away from a gender based role in both social and economic roles. This is both cause for celebration and dismay in the fact that as the change has occurred we have not changed to make sure that everyone is taught some of the basic survival skills needed to take care of yourself. You cannot count on your mother, girlfriend or wife having culinary skills to take care of you, nor should you ever expect that. You also can’t assume that someone is going to cook for you even if they have the skills.

2. You will save money cooking your own food.

Cooking your own food is extraordinarily cheaper than buying precooked food. It does not matter if you go to a gas station, a deli, a fast food establishment or a sit down restaurant. $20 will go further in the grocery store than any of these places. With $20 you can eat one meal or 3 or maybe more depending on what you want to cook. For roughly $10 I can supersize a meal from McDonalds or eat Top Round Steak and eggs with biscuits. Learn to shop and realize you will save more money and eat better cooking your own food.

3. You Will Be Healthier.

If you control what goes into your body, start to finish, you will be in better health. Think about it like your car. You put gas in because you know it needs it to run, and you only put in a fuel additive if you have a specific reason. Going out to eat is like going to a gas station that has a Long Island iced tea of fuel additives and other random additives automatically built into their holding tanks. You may not even know what is in the cocktail going in your gas tank. Would you still fill up at that gas station?

4. You will not have to rely on other things.

Is their internet working so they can process your card? Is it too early to get lunch food or too late to get breakfast? Are they open when you want to eat or do you have to settle for something else? Learn to cook and get what you want when you want it.

5. Women think it is Sexy when men cook (well).

You want to impress a woman? Learn to cook and cook well. Every man should have at least 2 go to dishes that they do incredibly well. Bad food sucks for anyone, so learn to do something fancy and something that feels like home when you eat it and you will have a go to win. Want to really impress them? Cook several things better than a restaurant and you will look like a king. It may even make up for some of your less desirable qualities. (We all have them and know what they are.)

Bonus: There are 5 reasons you should cook and only one is to impress a girl, not bad right? So where do you start if you don’t cook? In this day and age there are any number of places from cooking shows and books to YouTube. Get an Instapot, I will link one on Amazon that I personally use. You can cook a ton of amazing foods and it is easy to look like a pro.

Totally disconnected from me, no association, go to These ladies have a user friendly interface on their website that is plug and play and they have videos for most of the recipes. I have used a lot of their recipes and they are a big hit in my household.

Guys, learn to cook, just one of those reasons above is enough, think of all the benefits!

Be better tomorrow because of what you do today!

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